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Behind the scenes: Sketches and research
by Lili

Hi guys! I promised you some behind-the-scenes stuff to compensate Monday's "not-really-an-update" update, so here it is!

Here's some research for a character I was really looking forward to introducing... The one and only Diane! Very 1950s-inspired, elegant and classy. (Note that the reference pictures are only for the clothes and fashion accessories. I imagine Diane to be much older than the women in these photos!).

These are the first stages of making a comic page: thumbnailing on a sketchbook with a ballpoint pen (as you can see, the thumbnails are really small!), then drawing the page on A4 paper with a blue pencil, then "inking" it with a black mechanical pencil.


Sometimes I do the storyboard/thumbnails directly in Photoshop, to get a better view of how the page will look in full size and where to put the speech bubbles. They're not as messy as the sketchbook thumbnails... Here's one of them compared to the finished page. As you can see, they do look pretty similar!


That's it for today! Would you be interested in seeing more of these "making of" posts? Do you have any specific questions about my creative process? Please let me know by leaving a comment under the latest comic page or on the Facebook page.

'Checkmate' returns!
by Lili

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great summer! I myself had an amazing time discovering the west coast of the U.S., from the Pacific Northwest ("I've never seen so many trees in my life!") to San Francisco. The landscapes around Seattle really did look very Twin-Peaskish!

Anyway, holiday is now over, which means Checkmate is back! Page 20 will be posted next week, on Monday.

I'm excited to be back! See you soon!


'Checkmate' is going on summer break!
by Lili

Special announcement for all Checkmate readers:

For the next couple of weeks, I'll be on holiday in the US, visiting the West Coast from Vancouver to San Francisco (and hopefully stopping by Snoqualmie Falls and North Bend on the way! I just need to convince my non-Twin Peaks-fan friends that it's worth the (small) detour).

I won't be able to post new pages from there, and besides, I need a few weeks to build a new buffer (man, 20 pages already... Time flies!). I'll try to post some behind-the-scenes stuff on Mondays if I can, and I'll be back soon with new comic pages, of course.

Have a great summer, guys!

'Checkmate' featured in Brasil and Germany
by Lili

While I was checking Google results for Checkmate today (it was the first time I did, actually - I don't pay much attention to page rankings and such), I found out that the webcomic had been featured on various websites around the world. What a nice surprise! I thought I'd share a few with you.

Here's an article from Twin Peaks Brasil and another from the German site Seriesly Awesome. Click on the pictures to read!

Some changes in the website layout
by Lili

Hey guys! From now on, the latest comic page will appear directly on the website's homepage, so you can read it without first having to follow a link. I figured it would make it easier for you - as a webcomic reader myself, I like to see the latest updates right away when visiting the comic websites.

Also, I'm working on a "Characters" page, which should be up soon!