Q & A

What is this comic about?
Checkmate is a webcomic set in the universe of Twin Peaks, the famous TV series created by David Lynch in 1990. The comic explores the backstory of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, the show's main character, based on elements mentioned in various episodes; more specifically, it deals with the events that took place in Pittsburgh prior to the series, involving Cooper, his partner Windom Earle and Earle's wife Caroline. [More on the subject in the 'About' section.]

How often does the comic update?
It updates every Wednesday, one page at a time.
Isn't there already a novel about Dale Cooper's backstory? Is the comic based on it?
There is a book about Dale Cooper's past called My Life, My Tapes – The Autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (by Scott Frost, published in 1991), which focuses on Cooper's teenage/college years as well as his career at the FBI. The novel does mention the "Pittsburgh incident", but only very briefly (2-3 paragraphs). The events depicted in Checkmate could be "deleted scenes" from the book, but the story and script are all mine.
I've read the My Life, My Tapes book, and the timeline/story/characters are different from what's depicted in the comic. Aren't you following the Twin Peaks canon?
Indeed, the events in my comic are not exactly the same as those (briefly) mentioned in My Life, My Tapes. But this is because the novel doesn't always match the original TV series (one example is the different timelines; in the series, the "Pittsburgh events" are said to take place in 1985, while in the book, they take place in 1978). I liked the novel, but I still consider the series to be the "real" canon, so for the most part, I've decided to ignore any discrepancies and stick to what we know from the show.
Will Checkmate be available in print someday?
Checkmate was created as a webcomic, and so far, it can only be found online. But I'm planning to publish the whole comic in two volumes. The first book will include chapters 1 and 2 and will be released early summer 2017. More information to come!

How long does it take you to complete a page?
I'd say about 15-20 hours. I'm quite a perfectionist when it comes to illustration and comic-making – I spend hours working on tiny little details that the reader won't even notice...

What software and tools do you use to make the comic?
After making a quick layout sketch in one of my (numerous) sketchbooks, I draw the pages on A4 copy paper (120g). I first sketch the content of each panel with blue or orange pencils, and then "ink" the lineart with a black mechanical pencil. I scan the pages, then use Photoshop CS5 to clean up the lineart, do the colouring and speech bubbles.
Do you take commissions?
I am currently taking commissions, yes! (That is, if my schedule allows it.) Please get in touch with me and describe your project, and we'll see what we can do.
What do you do for a living?
I am a trained nurse as well as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. (Did I mention I have a busy life?). Visit the 'About' page for more information.
Do you do other sorts of artwork?
Yep. I'm working on another comic which I'm both writing and illustrating, an "adventure thriller" set in the 18th century. I have a blog (Lili's Life) where I post comic strips about... well, my own life, and I do all kinds of illustrations, fanart, motion design and more, which you can find at my website (Lili's Gallery). In my spare time (when I find some), I also write fiction (both original and fanfiction) and movie reviews.